Cyclostratigraphy and Rhythmic Climate Change (CRCC) is an international open access peer-reviewed online journal (using DOI) publishing original research articles focused on cyclostratigraphic records, orbital, sub-orbital or seasonal records of climate change, astrochronology and integrated stratigraphy with a cyclostratigraphic component. There is no restriction on geological time or palaeogeographic origin and we welcome theoretical issues on the expression of climate cycles in the Geological record and astronomical models of climate change, as well as issues on the development of new analytic tools for cyclostratigraphy. 

The detailed scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, orbital and seasonal expression of climate change on Earth and other planets (e.g. Mars), in marine and continental settings, in sediments or ice cores, varve chronology, improvements of the Geologic Time Scale, orbital configuration across major environmental perturbations in Earth’s history, influence of orbital climate change on carbon and other geochemical element cycles, links between orbital configuration and seasonal climate change, astronomical time scales, changes in tidal dissipation and day-length over time, or orbital influence on sea-level change. 

Types of articles

We welcome short and long original manuscripts as well as review papers.

The articles are deposited in open online archives, without any embargo period, where they will be permanently and openly accessible. CRCC is distributed under a Creative Commons BY licence, which means that all content is freely available without any charge to anyone, including the authors.

Authors can already submit their work using this web-site.