Opscidia develops an open access and free platform for scholarly publishing.

Our business model is based on the marketing of technological intelligence tools and services.
  • Convergences - Journal of Research and Teaching Arts

    Convergences - Journal of Research and Teaching Arts, has Open Access jornal and is a scientific research journal with E-ISSN and blind peer review, which publishes papers in the areas of design, music and visual arts.

    The Convergences Journal publishes free of charge, in open access, the original results evaluated by peers, which explain experiences and results from research and practice in the areas of design, music and the visual arts. Through Original papers, Case Reports or Review Papers, by by professionals researchers and scholarly contributors, it promotes knowledge related to the activities of design, music and other visual arts in all its domains of application, as well as its history, its teaching and learning.

    The authors and readers of this journal are mainly professionals, students, researchers and scholars from all fields of design, music and visual arts at an international level.

    Convergences is published in May and November of each year and accepts papers written in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

    Call for papers is permanently open until the end of March and September of each year.

  • Journal of Cephalopod Palaeontology

    The Journal of Cephalopod Palaeontology (JCP) is now offically launched; it is specially devoted to fossil cephalopods, with a specialized dedicated editorial team.

    JCP is an international open access peer-reviewed online journal (using DOI) publishing original research articles with no restriction on geological time or palaeogeographic origin, as far as they are focused on fossil cephalopods, even as a model for theoretical issues. The Journal meets the requirements of the current version of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, Art. 8).

    Its scope includes e.g. evolution, phylogenetics, systematic studies, stratigraphy, palaeobiogeography, palaeoecology, taxonomy, taphonomy, nomenclatural acts, heritage, field data, research methods. Taxonomy based on or inspired by a population approach (taking into account intraspecific variability and evolutionary patterns and processes) is especially welcome.

    Submitted works can be discussions of broad interest, monographs, or more local descriptive research.

    The articles are deposited in open online archives, without any embargo period, where they will be permanently and openly accessible. JCP is distributed under a Creative Commons BY licence, which means that all content is freely available without any charge to anyone, including the authors.

    Authors can already submit their work using this web-site.

  • Demo Journal

    This is Opscidia's demo journal! Its main aim is to demonstrate all the features of the platform. 
    All the material in demo journal is either some old work from Sylvain that we republish or non peer-reviewed material.
    We will gradually upload a diversity of material to show the extent of our possibilities and features.

  • Dynamic Reviews

    Dynamic Reviews is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes evolutive review articles.
    It is curretly under development, and is managed internally by Opscidia's team, to test an innovative format for review articles.

    It will publish reviews on current research areas written by first class experts, and submitted to an external peer-review.
    Its main feature is an advanced versionning system that allow to update the reviews as research move forward.
    The objective is to prevent review articles to be obsolete as soon as they are published.

    Feel free to get in touch if you would like to get involved.