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Sylvain Massip
Charles Letaillieur


Opscidia is a project that started in October 2018. Opscidia is a platform hosting free and
Open Access academic journals. We develop technological intelligence tools for industry.
Opscidia is curretly hosted at La Paillasse, a science hackers space in Paris.

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Sylvain Massip

Sylvain owns a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge and has ten years’ experience at the boundaries between science and industry. As a R&D director in a start’up, he had the occasion to work with several academic labs in many different fields. Passionate about research, he believes that scholarly communication can be improved, for the benefit of researchers and beyond.

Charles Letaillieur

Charles is an internet professional with 10+ years’ experience in crafting disruptive products offering people simple and user friendly internet experience. Having worked on e-democracy and e-administration, open data projects, he believes that social web can make scholarly publishing cheaper and more efficient.